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Snake catcher Brisbane, Ipswich & Western suburbs: 0413 028 081

Snake Catcher Brisbane North suburbs: 0409 675 522

Snake Catcher Brisbane South Suburbs: 0421 455 077

Snake Catcher Redlands and Bayside Suburbs: 0413 028 081

The benefits of choosing Brisbane Snake Catcher to catch that snake!

common tree on brick wallConvenience

Based centrally between Brisbane and Logan and having access to a network of snake catchers, we can respond to any snake emergency around Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, The Redlands, Beaudesert and the Gold Coast at any time.

Customer Service

No matter what kind of assistance you require, from snake identification assistance to snake relocation,you can rest assured Brisbane Snake Catcher will always provide you with exceptional customer service. 24 hours, 7 days a week.

coastal carpet pythons in drawAccreditation

Our qualifications include: Damage Mitigation Permit (removal and relocation) issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection as well as a senior First Aid Certificate.


We are committed to offering a professional snake catching service at a price to suit your budget.

Snake Identification

Seen a snake? Need to know what type it is?

eastern brown in wood pile

Just give us a call or if you have a photo of the snake, Visit our our site at fill in the form and we'll be more than happy to help you identify it.

Damage Mitigation Permit

Removal and relocation of snakes.

We hold a license issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection known as a Damage Mitigation Permit. This license allows us to remove and relocate snakes that are deemed a risk to human health and wellbeing.

eastern brown head close up

Snake Advice.

Assistance with prevention.

Brisbane Snake Catcher is happy to give free advice on preventitive measures you can take to lessen the chances of snakes making a home on your property. Assistance with chook pen and bird aviary snake proof design are a specialty. Feel free to phone with any questions you may have

  • Keep your garden tidy with short lawns
  • Remove rubbish that could provide shelter
  • Keep your property rodent free

The above points will help make your home less inviting to snakes. While it's almost impossible to stop snakes coming onto your property, you can reduce the time they will stay.

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